The Masterton Family Series

Nothing the SameBernice Sibberas

Nothing is the Same

Her reputation is ruined.

Fleeing robbed and penniless, Lilly accepts the help of a handsome stranger. Their growing attraction is jeopardized by the need to keep her identity secret and the scandal of her red garters. Only by trusting each other do they have a hope of happiness, but can they put the past behind them to be happy?

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Winning the Shearer -- Bernice Sibberas

Winning the Shearer

Don’t compromise me!

Alex, disguised as a lad works with her brothers shearing. Their name has been slandered, so restoring the Barlow reputation is imperative but trouble has a way of finding me. Extra attention from the boss is the last thing I need. The threat of discovery haunts me. How will I avoid it when Jacob is forever close by?

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