Both these completed stories have approximately 95,000 words. They are set in Celtic France in 98BC around the Lyons/Avignon area before the Romans invaded what is currently Europe.


Galea, a warrior trained chieftain’s daughter is rescued from her abductors by Cynyr who gained her father's agreement they could wed if he could find her. She had been promised she would never be forced to wed by her father wanting a love she believed her parents had before the death of her mother.

The celebration of their return ends when her father is brought to his deathbed by his brother’s knife. Her father demands Galea wed Cynyr then makes him the new leader though Galea had trained all her life to be his successor.

Their trust will be strained to breaking as they seek to find who is responsible. The betrayals hurts. Cynyr needs to defeat their enemies and persuade his warrior woman they have a future together.


Venetia’s world lay in ruins. Claimed as a slave by the blacksmith, Egan who found her in the scorched remains of her village and stole what little freedom she possessed. The discovery of kinship with the village chieftain elevates her status but she insists the debt to the village healer, paid by the blacksmith for her care be honored.

Whispers of poor workmanship begin when during practise a youth is injured after his sword shatters. The blacksmith is certain he did not construct the sword. Driven to prove the whispers wrong he seeks trade beyond his village but returns to find his home and workplace smouldering ruins. The discovery of his friend and mentor’s bones in the ashes devastate Egan. Venetia feels honor-bound to remain with him. 
While his uncle courts Venetia Egan determinedly denies his passion for her. As a chieftain’s kin and temporary slave she is entitled to better than a blacksmith. Venetia has no such illusions regarding her rank.

The return of her memory jeopardises everything she had been struggling to build. The blackmail becomes onerous. Her rebellion result in Egan fighting his uncle in a dangerous battle during which he learns of his stolen heritage.

His noble birth acknowledged he attempts to court Venetia but she is angered by his assumption it changes anything. Can he persuade her of his love after  his pervious denials?