I grewup in the suburbs of Victoria Australia, married and had two beautiful sons. Recently we abandoned the bustle of the city for a seachange, though starting the building of our new home took longer than anticipated.

I love gardening, craft and I am an avid reader, haunting libraries and secondhand book shops in the early years. Now ebooks have made indulging my passion easy. I am drawn to stories with plenty of action and this can be seen in the romances I write. The thrill is in the journey of the hero and heroine as they tackle the problems in their lives, and in the romances to when they finally find happiness together.

My husband accompanied me to my first RWA national conference in Reno Nevada. It was an unforgettable experience and we made some wonderful friends.The RWA conferences provided the tools and information needed to become a romance writer, and since then I have honed the skills until at last, I have produced novels I am proud to share with readers.

I hope you too will enjoy the highs and lows of the heroes and heroines experienceas they struggle with the challenges of love and life. Come join me on the journey.