pictureGrowing up in the suburbs of an Australian city is like those encountered everywhere, with small variations. I can remember spending many summers with children in the neighborhood racing around the yard until late and darkness had fallen. The easy camaraderie changed as we all grew up. We had a cat or two during those years and my mother always had birds, finches and canaries mainly. There were rabbits, chickens and guinea pigs too. Both my parents enjoyed the garden, my father growing vegetables, my mother being more interested in the beauty of the plant and its flowers. I am sure that is why from the time I had a place of my own I loved gardening, an interest I share with my husband.

I met my wonderfully supportive, loving husband just before my 21st birthday and we have been together ever since. The relationship has grown and deepened over the years. We have two grown sons whom we are extremely proud. Our home is minutes from a lake where a variety of waterfowl, ducks, albatross and black swans forage in the surrounding park and amongst the reeds. This is our second home, designed to suit the needs of a family with teenagers. With one son no longer here has allowed me space for my office. We have wonderful neighbors too who enjoy regularly getting together.

I have been a reader since very young haunting libraries and second hand book shops when no new books were available. My tastes have varied over that time but romance remained my most favored genre. I love knowing that no matter what difficulties the characters encounter, at the end they find happiness. It is what has always drawn me back to romance.

It is in more recent times that I began to explore romance writing though I had made one attempt years earlier. I began by taking a correspondence course tailored to romance writers. The tutor’s encouragement along with my husbands, lead me to pursue it, seeking information and knowledge about all aspects of writing toward getting published.

My husband accompanied me to my first RWA national conference in Reno Nevada discovering that they too were celebrating a 25 year anniversary. It was an unforgettable experience where we made wonderful friends and the workshops provided a wealth of information. Since then we have attended a number of the national conferences and each is special providing the chance to catch up with people and develop my writing skills.